About John Spencer


John Spencer has written and had published around 30 books in two genre; the paranormal, and a range of business books (John is also a qualified accountant). Subjects within the former include;

Ghosts, Poltergeists, Mind Powers, Stigmata, UFOs, Alien Contact and Abduction, Global Mysteries and Sacred Sites. Within the latter were ‘Team Building’, ‘Management of Change’ and self-help books for small businesses.

Several books from both genre have been translated into several languages including German, Polish, Spanish, and Japanese. Many were also released in the United States.

‘The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits’ (written with his wife Anne, published by Hodder Headline) was ‘Bookclub Book of the Month’ for two months running and sold over 250,000 copies in hardback before its paperback editions.

‘UFOs – The Definitive Casebook’ (Hamlyn) was also a ‘Bookclub Book of the Month’; had a high profile release across Germany, Switzerland and Austria (in German translation ‑ with a foreword by Erich von Däniken) and was later released across Spain and the Spanish speaking countries, in Spanish translation.

John is a prolific self-publicist and regularly appears in the media; including local and national newspapers, radio and TV, as well as live debates and 'phone‑ins' to Hong Kong, the Falklands, Germany, Cyprus, Japan, and the former Soviet bloc. He has also appeared in television programmes on the paranormal in the United States, Belgium, Austria and Spain. He has appeared in several 'sell‑through' video productions for sale in the U.K. and abroad. John has been a consultant and writer for several projects on the paranormal including two Carlton TV productions and was a consultant to a major multimedia project which outsold all previous titles in its first month of release. He was also principal author and series editor of a book series written in conjunction with the Sci-Fi Channel.

John has in recent years concentrated on fiction, winning several short story competitions (including ‘Hertfordshire Life’).  ‘Bill and Al’ is his first novel.

John was chair of the prestigious 50-plus year old ‘Verulam Writers Circle’ for seven years and is now its treasurer.