Other Work in Progress

Soul Survivor.

A father dealing with the death of his daughter at the same time as coming to terms with his own limitations fails to keep his marriage together and, in a mentally weak state, commits suicide in order to pursue his daughter into the afterlife where he can protect her. There he recognises a dreamscape from his own childhood and meets a woman who he used to explore with in his childhood fantasies. When he finds his daughter it is she who protects him and assists him in overcoming his fears..............

A love story of dramatic fiction, related in the first person, and based in the mythology of the paranormal, very popular in modern culture. A field of expertise of the author who has researched and written many non-fiction books on the subject.



Fighting for Hayley

The story of a woman fighting social services to keep her child. Includes her running away to Spain to hide from the law but finding even Spanish authorities powerless against British social services. Her partner was a victim of the Cleveland Child Abuse scandal who is trying to save his failing relationship and missing all the right buttons. As a result of fighting an outside threat he goes from being an abusive thug to a supportive partner........

 A drama, but also one that covers a modern social injustice in the way that Cathy Come Home and Up The Junction did in the 1960s and 1970s.